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Let’s get started.

We have a lot in common. You belong here.

Get to know your neighbor by posting here. Your car is an isolation chamber but this blog can open doors – you have the key.  (keep your eyes on the road).

If EXIT27A is part of your journey, you belong here.

If you live within 10 miles of routes 25 & 8, you belong here.

If you drive a late model sports car, you belong here.

If you drive a broken-down jalopy, you belong here.

If you’ve ever broken the speed limit, you belong here.

However, that’s where it ends.

People who choose this blog must have <em> some </em> of these qualities:

Bloggers here must have local eyes.

Bloggers here must show interest in all things local.

Bloggers here must want to achieve local fame.

Am I making my point?

Bloggers here must be vain enough to want to see their name in print.

Bloggers here must have an ax to grind or a song to sing.

Bloggers here must be quick-witted, worldly and unafraid of anything.

Bloggers here must have thick skin and a Teflon persona.

Bloggers here must refrain from vulgar language and show courtesy.

Most importantly, Bloggers must remember: life is a game and EXIT27A is how we get on and off the field.

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